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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Battle of Sexes

Judgement Day arrives. God reviews the billions of people assembled, and says, "Welcome to Heaven. Women, go with Saint Peter. Men, form two lines. One line shall be men who dominated their women on Earth. The other line shall be men who were dominated by their women."
After much movement and shuffling, all the women are gone, and there remain two lines of men. The line of men that were dominated by their women is hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles long. The line of men that dominated women has but one man standing.
God reviews the two lines, points to the long line, and in a voice that echoes angrily throughout Heaven says, "You men should be ashamed. I created you in MY image, and you all were dominated by your mates. Behold! Only one of my sons stood up and made me proud. You shall learn from him!"
God turns to the one man standing, smiles, and says, "Tell them, my son. How did you manage to be the only one in that line?" And the man says, "I don't know, Lord. My wife told me to stand here."


  • At 10:54 AM , Blogger Katerina ante portas said...

    His wife, ee!
    Men always in black.. ;)

  • At 5:14 PM , Anonymous kafetzis said...

    Φταίει κάποιος άνδρας γιά τον ξενιτεμό σου? Θά μπορείς αργότερα να λές οτι πολλούς ανθρώπους και άστεα έγνως. Εχω αλλάξει πολλές πόλεις καί ξέρω τήν μοναξιά όταν τήν βλέπω.
    Now about the pretty picture with the kitten that is going to die, where did you find it?????
    Does a kitten dies every time we the greeks, say the m word????
    I also like the Beetles.

  • At 9:15 PM , Blogger avissos said...

    kseniteutika epeidi to ithela..oi antres einai sinithws profasi gia kati tetoia..i monaksia eswteriki upothesi..
    to gataki de thimamai mallon apo filaki.gr An isxue to minima den tha eixame gatakia stin Ellada...


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